How do u workout yo lower abs? I knw u can do crunches but is there any other excerises?


#1 ou1champions

Yea leg lifts work great for lower abs they suck doing though it really burns Go nice and slow

#2 Mr P pitties the fool

leglifts, leg throwdowns, hanging leg raises, hanging knee raises, v-ups, v sits, pike ups.

#3 Lori W

I’ve had great success with “walking” in the pushup position. Assume the “up” pushup position. Now cross your left hand over the other and at the same time “walk” – bring your right foot to the right side. Continue to the right and uncross and bring legs back together. Repeat by going to the left side. It absolute attacks the stomach muscles to have to hold yourself up like this!

#4 mother_amethyst

Do leg lifts – lie on your back with your arms at your sides.
Keep your arms and back relaxed throughout the exercise. Slowly raise one leg (keep the leg pretty straight) until it’s about 8 inches of the ground.
Hold for a count of 8, then slooowwwly lower it.
Repeat with the opposite leg. Gradually work up to about 15-20 lifts per side.
When that’s not hard work any more, do the same exercise with both legs at the same time.

#5 Doc_moore_j

scissor kicks

#6 lv_consultant

there’s no such thing as the lower abdominals. the rectus abdominis had no upper or lower portions. muscles either contract as a whole or they do not contract at all. for that same reason you can not isolate part of a muscle either. exercises that utilize the full range of motion of the target muscle will always be optimum over exercises that do not.

leg lifts, flutter kicks, etc. do not target the “lower abs” the primary mover is one of the muscles of the hip flexors that lies deep underneth the bottom of the RA. this is why people say they work this area due to the localized fatigue that is felt. using localized fatigue is a poor method to judge the mechanics of an exercise.

now to “see” the bottom portion of the RA with out flexing you must decrease the body fat % low enough to see the entire abdominal wall.

#7 Jana M

Pilates type exercises are great. They really work the lower abs.
This is a great website with pics and everything. The 100 and plank position is good.
Try this one too.
Go into plank pose (kinda like doing a pushup with your arms extended straight out before you go down) and bring your knees into your chest and switch legs back and forth. Do this about 10 x for each knee or longer if you can.

#8 halfway_downthe_sky

Running is one of the best for a person’s lower abs…

#9 mangomiata

reverse crunches. Lie down on the floor and raise your legs up repeatedly. This works the lower abdominal muscles.

Good luck!

Sandy :O)

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