Hip Hop Abs – Buns And Thighs

Slim your upper and lower abs while you target those stubborn lower-body problem areas. Forget boring lunges and dreaded squats – Shaun’s dynamic Hip Hop moves like “the freak” and “drive the car” not only gets results, but they make it fun! So now you can slim your hips, trim your thights, lift your botty, and get back into your skinny jeans FAST!


#1 Darkangel14Z

@UronlyBear02 Hey me 2 I’m done with insanity, Shaun T iz awesome X3

#2 NixtyD

Spongebob : Buns and thighsss

#3 7krndz

@stephwakeland03 hey can you send me the links?! karen_digo@hotmail.com pleease(:

#4 shanrio214

shangie214@ yahoo.com.ph

#5 shanrio214

Could you send me the link to this Hip hop abs videos, thanks a lot

#6 UronlyBear02

im doing the insanity when im done with that im soooo buying this next!!!! i love it

#7 TheJonah19

You can see his package imprint on 2:41.. this guy. lol. Sexy and successful, get like him. :)

#8 justinbieberlovefan0

@cookiesNcream1918 yea agree

#9 cookiesNcream1918

Oh you mean hip hop abs makes you soar :p but I doubt it makes you as soar as insanity, you’re not just soar you in PAIN!! But I guess any good work out is going to make you soar.

#10 cookiesNcream1918

@justinbieberlovefan0 i know :( but it’s torture and you don’t see real results for like 3-4 weeks, and I swear my thighs got bigger!!

#11 justinbieberlovefan0

@cookiesNcream1918 this makes you soar to but it works!

#12 BucsorDie

Pause! This caught me off guard. Ive only done insanity.

#13 maricarmalig26

@soccerchickk6 What’s his name again?? please! thanku

#14 onyxtome

can he please stop stroking his stomach. it is really distracting

#15 jimbob1234567

@nodabear89 wow, people can ask. fucking faggot douchbag

#16 cookiesNcream1918

I HATE INSANITY!!! I’m so tired and so soar maybe I should switch to this instead

#17 Erannzz

@BrainDamageMugler Eh , who cares , Insanity Just ROCKS

#18 BrainDamageMugler

@Erannzz just assuming here, but I would say he is

#19 nodabear89

1. This is a GREAT workout!!

2.Who gives a flying FUCK if he’s gay or not? Fucking narrow minded ignorants…

#20 VaqueritaLatina

I do these workouts and they are getting me in shape, I love Shaun T & who cares if he’s gay or not?!!! He’s amazing and the only workout teacher who’s kept my attention and me off the couch. Haters, please.

#21 soccerchickk6

hahaa 1:26 the guy in the background on the left :D D

#22 Erannzz


#23 firewall146

Napakasarap tlga mag papawis sa maga heheh

#24 youngMulahh3

it makes me laugh when shaun t be doing all that girly stuff but this really works

#25 rapperhaley

the man in the back was laughing looking at shuan t it was so funny but i lose weight by using this

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