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#1 JoeTelevisheown

@herve1348 lmao yeah he does.

#2 tobi1648


#3 gTa4ever1369

is it possible to have same body but more muscle on arms? srr 4 bad eng

#4 gTa4ever1369

im starting to go to gym :D

#5 encikmoshi

you can’t outrun me! Im black bitch! ROFL

#6 MrLumi007

Brandon Carter nr1

#7 Iamcrysis

@Davide131 I had the exact same question in my head right now …I think these exercises should be done all in a day for 3 times a week…or at least this is the way I’m going to do it :)

#8 herve1348

he sprints like the T-1000

#9 jawquock

This is the only guy ever to win on bully beatdown!

#10 Performa6

his cardio workout is called H.I.I.T -> very efficient !

#11 tigergreg8

I very rarely can ever say this to anyone, but your form is impeccable. Seriously, I work in Ph Therapy and seldom do I see people put so much emphasis on form like you do, I wish everyone on YouTube who workouts could watch this vid and takes it’s advice. Putting 120 lbs of weight on a curl bar and doing it wrong does you no good, but with good form, you will see and feel the results. Very well done video Brandon.

#12 SuperSimba6

Superman them abs!!

#13 SuperSimba6

oh shit, this niggas back is on some other shit my dude!!

#14 smufmigeifmig

7:30-7:35 is hilarious xD

#15 kaa3164

Never if you don’t know what you’re doing and probably if working out doesn’t turn into a hobby.

But don’t make that stop you, you will understand after the first few months.

#16 112cla50

@XshadowthekilllaX ROLF especially when you would see the straight face his making while running – _ -

#17 Davide131

So dude can you do all these exercises in a week? Workout one day, then the next rest? then again the next day? Can you switch em up? like do chest on tuesday, then next tuesday do shoulders? Fuck can somebody help my ass out?

#18 Magyar126

@Yoodle661 doesnt really matter, do it until its really hard to lift back up, normally its 10 reps 3 sets.

#19 khetab420hasam

@komentuok hmmmmm!!!! damn you made me lose all hope you basterd! lol

#20 KKushedUP

this some good shit. finally i find a good workout on youtube that isnt shitty

#21 komentuok

@khetab420hasam about 10years

#22 khetab420hasam

i wonder how long it would take to be like this guy if you start all the way from beginning

#23 Yoodle661

how many sets and reps per exercise please??

#24 Hrunn92

@yammybo just watch scooby then he does everything for free :)

#25 gohsengbeng

Hey Brandon, how many calories do you approximately eat a day? It’s a wonder how you manage not to get too bulky. Thanks for the help!

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