Help! I cant do abs workout due to my neck damaged.?

Recently , i have felt that my neck is like fatigue much and pain while stretching but its not that serious. Maybe this is because the crunches i did last time and alot of other exercise or maybe sleeping technique (cant find the real reason though). Now that if i do some workout especially abs that stretch my neck , i will feel uncomfortable. Therefore , is it okay for me to neglect the abs exercise or maybe just do the abs machine provided in the gym. The pain doesn’t come when i was doing but it will come after i try to relax myself like after sleeping


#1 Altru-man

Ice in 10-15 minute intervals on your neck will help and do hanging ab work like hanging knee and leg raises, hanging obliques too. Also, don’t do crunches– they don’t work the entire core. Do planks instead.If you do crunches don’t put pressure on your hands when you “crunch” because it causes undue neck stress.Do the crunches with your hands alongside your body and tighten the rectus abdominis as you pull up. You can also do a knee to chest as you crunch, which will work the lower portion of your rectus abdominis too.

#2 MrNeutral

The ab machine is designed to prevent neck injury. YOu can rest yor neck until the strain heals.

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