Has anyone heard of this workout for the abs? Or is it useless?

It’s very simple, basically you go into pushup posistion with arms straight, but you don’t move and just keep your balance. Let this go on for 3-5 minutes or until you get tired.

Is this effective at all? A friend told me to do that and I’m really not sure if he knows what he’s talking about.


#1 horsysue

sounds like it would do your rms more good than your abs

#2 haha wasssaaaaa


#3 craig'slove

it is slightly effective, because it strengthens your entire core. don’t expect to get a six-pack though

#4 nEgoS

err of course not

you have to actually DO the push up in order to get some biceps

and sit -ups for abs

#5 useless

Look under my Avatar, that’s your answer.

#6 Petipuf

yes, this is called the plank. U usually can’t keep it that long. U must keep ur entire core tight for it to work. but it works. it is very effective in my experience.

#7 ificutmyhairirelandwilsink

yes its called the “plank”…but you dont keep your arms straight you lay your forearms on the ground and it strengthens your core muscles (which includes you abs)

#8 blastimpulse

wad the heck is ur fren talking about!?!
go and do real work outs -.-
probably this works…but it would be too slow…
do pushups/pumpings/crunches etc.

#9 kheserthorpe

Wow, people are stupid.

Yes, this is a real exercise, its called a front plank. Its more commonly done with your elbows on the ground. Keep your back and legs in a straight line, don’t raise your hips way up.

Anyone who thinks this is ‘not an exercise’ – try it right now for a minute.

You can also do side planks, which is similar but facing sideways, which works the abs on that side of the body.

I’d suggest a mixture of planks, crunches, reverse crunches.

#10 answer me

yh that works but its not as gd a bicicle crunches

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