hard body work out

working out in the park instead of gym


#1 krugerhomo

looks fucking stupid, monkey faggot

#2 Zephyrwolf

Looks good brother. What´s your tranings regime???

#3 bigggwess718

@zkyggen you are a full blown loser, who is jealous i even have a posture to be shitty, go be a critic to your moms you bitch. AND THANK YOU FOR THE VIEW

#4 bigggwess718

@zkyggen watch tv dont watch me you ASS HOLE.

#5 zkyggen

You have a shitty posture

#6 Yojimbo1AK

his nipples look like they are going to explode

#7 DaRza17

i think he shoud do some more for his traps and lats the rest looks pretty nice

#8 shift00

who works out in bluejeans?? haha Impressive none the less.

#9 Mujave

@bigggwess718 Ok :) Well you’re obviously having great success with what you’re doing, and I’m sure you already know this: doing some heavy squats could push your legs to the same level as your upper body.

#10 sir360

@bigggwess718 thought about becoming a ufc fighter hehe?

#11 bigggwess718

@Mujave yea i have a road bike that i do for my legs plus roller blades

#12 Mujave

It’s a shame you don’t have a good hard leg exercise. But good job anyway ;)

#13 burtonride199

holy shit!!!!!! Ur a beast!!!

#14 fishkop2

respect. nice job man ;)

#15 deanglo90


#16 GangGr33nanarchist

damn wes i need some of what you drinking man. hope you get your votes.

btw: its fitzroy from facebook.

#17 raxe30

Anybody know where I can get a Calisthenics routine or something? I’m a beginner and I wanna know what workouts should I do. :)

#18 gurantxxxgurant

u shood say what the songs r called. anybody no what the 1st song is called?

#19 MAClamaire

anyone that works out regularly knows how much strength it takes to do what this guy is doing.. fuckin incredible.

#20 oceanside1322

@cougarbart am i fat wow i had no idea i was fat

#21 hatervision08

wat song is this !!

#22 s4fta00

what happened to the gravity?

#23 cougarbart

How is it gay? I love it when I see fat asses like you at the gym doing bench presses and that shit and wondering why you aren’t getting results.

#24 cougarbart

this guy has ‘real’ muscle strength.

#25 galo3a

wow dat’s fuckin’ good man

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