Hanging Leg Raises- Crazy AB workout for six pack abdominal exercise

These are some of my favorite ab workouts Raise legs by flexing hips and knees until hips are fully flexed. Rectus Abdominis and Obliques only dynamically contract only if actual waist flexion occurs. With no waist flexion, Rectus Abdominis and External Oblique will only isometrically contract to stabilize pelvis and waist during hip flexion.


#1 rbkhockey83

@PartyRocker151 I think it’s at a playground/park

#2 PartyRocker151

what r those bars called so i can buy one?

#3 Pain5155

abs look fuked up

#4 kenny01622

@botolfs92 Makes sense in a way, u cant change shape just like with any muscle, but for most people they do take allot of work , like allot, well for some less than others, but u dont know until u try, unless your already ripped and can see the outline

#5 botolfs92

@kenny01622 Yeah i can agree that the lower abs might be a bit more showing , but it´s stil a fact that the abs your born with it´s the abs your gonna live with , then that you can rip em up and strengthen them yeah.

#6 kenny01622

@botolfs92 No the abs r there but only when tensing, working out my lower abs like crazy would bring them out, I know that for a fact because after hitting the lower abs they pop out more

#7 botolfs92

@kenny01622 Doesn´t change the fact that you only got 6 pack, you can´t train the core to gain 2 extra abs…

#8 kenny01622

@PhanNTran Crunches are more effective for your upper

#9 kenny01622

@botolfs92 Wrong, I have an “8 pac” outline, but have to tense to really show it up, its a case of seriously hitting the lower abdominal wall, Im doing weighted leg raises, to really define it, and doing lots of vacuums and the plank to strengthen your transversus abdominus muscles, the deepest core muscle, and that will help you tighten you core

#10 PartyRocker151

so how many each do we do? and how many times?

#11 MrPawel2012

the best !

#12 MrPawel2012

the best !

#13 Osirisboy07

No homo but that dude is ripped!!

#14 Berciq

How many reps? Max each exercise and do it 4 times in a week? Resp please! Enyone know something about that?

#15 faluad

@strengthproject Tell me about your daily diet and the things you avoid to get those kind of abs. Also, how many of these exercises each do you do? and Lastly do you do them everyday?

#16 theftbyme

do we do this every day?

#17 SubzeroedMind

@rodrigoqb2 do it until it burns like hell… then do some more :)

#18 tarziq

@wompaper it probably in the amount of food? i dunno 2 years ? ive been at it at 5 and yet im not yet at his level :P

#19 rodrigoqb2

should i do like 25 each exercise? or 25 in total for each set?

#20 TheSundayDelight

this worked i gain 68 lbs of muscle in just 1 week!

#21 derrickmcpherson44

how much do u weight, and what do u eat to stay cut up like that

#22 MrRazbean

Hello. I admire your dedication. You have a very impressive body and your body skills are amazing.

Please somebody tell me what is the name of the song? PLEASE! If you know,please reply.


#23 wompaper

@MishkaSky Tnx for the advice man, I`m running every morning… 2 hours a day, doing push ups, pull ups, crunches.. I even bought a swiss ball few months ago to try some different excercises… Eating mosly vegetables and fruits… decreased the carbs to minimum… still no abs showing up under the fats… dunno maybe it`s just a structure… At least I feel better and stronger when working out :)

#24 christosswc

Uneven abs?
Why haven’t stopped working out and started eating and drinking like a pig sitting on a couch?
Shame on you.

#25 MishkaSky

@wompaper Challenge your muscles by doing every time a different routine. Do not repet the same things you did the day before… Do lots and lots of cardio and drink water, LOTS OF WATER! Peace =)

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