Great Butt | Firm Chest | Hot Body | Dr. Tim Ramirez

Tight firm butt & Total Body workout; abs, core, butt and arm exercise with Wellness guru, Dr. Tim Ramirez. Get a great healthy body, look great in your tight jeans and bikini top!


#1 syanarasucka

any relation to mr. t?

#2 DizzyKatt

energetic fun smart and loves this video

wanting new friends B8

#3 FATIMAakaPiiNk

Thank u so much for that Dr.T, i’m gonna go get one today :)

#4 FATIMAakaPiiNk

oh ok thank u, i’m going to get one now :)

#5 pacificawellness

We are using 3 & 5 pound “medicine balls”. You can buy them at Target, or your local sporting goods store.
Dr. T

#6 FATIMAakaPiiNk

can u plz tell me what kind of ball u r using?

#7 nourah1985

nice exercise :)
thanks Dr.Tim .

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