Good Abs workout?

This is my current workout. Is it good enough? Or is it too much? I do this for 3 days then rest 1 or two depending on soreness.

200 straight up crunches. 50 crunches more concentrating on left oblique and 50 for the right oblique. Total 300 crunches.

100 lower abs (hanging and raising legs to a 90 degree angle and back down)

100 another abs excercise i do (where i sit on a bench. hold the bench behind my back with my hands and bend forward and bring my knees towards my face and go back and forth 100 times)

and finally 2 sets of 20 reps of left/right oblique excercises where i bend down and work left oblique then right.

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#1 dhuang90

Your ab workout seems to really emphasize toning, which is great if thats what your pursuing. If you have a barbell, I recommend that you try floor wipers (search for it on youtube). You do a lot of crunches, I suggest you to mix it up with bicycle crunches or some static holds. And as always drink lots of water and eat right to show your hard work.

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