Get “girl” abs? Workout HELP!?

I’m going to Florida in about a month. I’m going to lie, I am skinny, but thats because I workout, but I want my abs to be really CUT and…lean?? I mean I want people see and notice!! I’m willing to diet, and do a million crunches I’m just looking to see if there are foods I should cut or add to my diet or any secrets to better abs.


#1 Blazin'22

Jump ropes, running and cruches (then taking a low carb protein shake after each workout) ought to do the trick!

For real, you need to invest in a jump rope (30 miniutes a day)

#2 djnatura

You can do crunches with your legs in the air and your back pressed firmly against the floor. you can also do leg raises and you can hold your legs in the air at about a 45degree angle and keep your back pressed to the ground.You need to eat protein to gain muscle.Don’t skip breakfast.

#3 CeCe

Incorporate some Pilates moves into your daily workout routine. They’ll get your core musclrs in shape in no time, especially if you are already thin. I agree with the last comment as well. Jumpropes do wonders!

#4 dlilnjndatdid

Okay so I’m an ab maniac and my workout churn results. 1-lie on your back and in a four count lift you legs slowly straightened like a clock from the floor to a 90 degree angle, then reverse slowly back down without touching the ground and keep repeating (try 10 and try adding more each time you do it) note your improvements 25-30 is a great. 2-Lie on your side legs one atop another criss-crossed on the groud. Put the arm closest to the ground at 90 degree angle from your body. Now lift yourself with that arm with a motion kind of like your being lifted from the waiste, go close to the ground without touching it and repeat. 3-Sit up like your going to do a situp, slowly go down half way stop, pause for 3 seconds then bring yourself back up and repeat.

Try doing any combination of ab work for 30 consecutive mins per workout. I suggest 20-30 reps then switch it up. You should see formation after two weeks…but note…

Also cut your carbs, increase cardio, and most importantly drink lots of water. Remember you could build great muscle but if fat isn’t shed, then you’ll just look like your wearing a winter coat.

I have more ab suggestions… email me if you want more help (

Good Luck hun. Congrats on taking the first step already by reaching out..

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