free six pack abs workout routine?

i need a free six pack abs workout routine from some professionals


#1 Ruby Smith

* Cardiovascular exercise- These cardio workouts is best to get six packs because they burn the excess fats and calories of the body. Example of cardio workouts are cycling, swimming and running.
* Leg lifts- With your back lying on the flat floor lift up your leg in a straight position and the leg should be lifted in an angle of 90 degrees. You will find this workout hard but later on it will become easy.
* Crunches- The muscles on the abdomen get focused with this workout
* Static hold exercise- This is a workout just like the push up position but you do not have to push up your way you do not have to move but remain static in that position.
* Sit ups- This is one of the effective ways of getting six packs. You can just lay your back on the floor; arms folded and try to lift your body without moving your feet.
* Weight lifting- If you do weight lifting during your workouts it really helps to get six packs because this flattens the stomach and flexes the muscles.

#2 Nicola

If you go to the lonk below I have a load of free ebooks on six pack abs with workouts, tell me the one you want and I’ll send it to you

#3 Simon Ds

i recommend you this website if you really want to make six pack abs this website contains all the information you need to make six pack abs

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