Forearm Workout

Remember the electro muscle abs workout fad? How about working out your forarm instead?


#1 ColdByrdz

spastie xD

#2 shadamedaffas

Dude that’s hilarious… You guys were watching Commando! That movie was great! “Where’s Jenny?… kiss my ass…. Where is she!…. say it a little louder and get fucked.” Then there’s Bennet: “I’m not gonna shoot you between the eyes John, I’M GONNA SHOOT YOU BETWEEN THE BALLS!!!…. Let off some steam Bennet.” Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. I’m gonna have to buy that on dvd and watch it again as it’s been a long time.

#3 bf6067

Did it do anything for your forearms? It would be great to see a “Before” and “After” of your forearms.

#4 DerWahreDriftwood


#5 muffiinzz

try havin a bat with that on haha

#6 nicepandas

now try chopping ur arm off and doing it. It ill look like the adams family. haha

#7 kevinsumal


#8 armn15

fagoot ass bitches


holy fuck where can i get one of these lol

#10 nocturnallyinsane


#11 dmaster3232

lol wtf is that?

#12 SoULja51NGH


#13 puchungie

hahahahha nice.

#14 dre1i

u are sick fuck !!!

#15 testcyp200

put it on your dick

#16 minor0098

i kno dusent he lol!!

#17 JumpityJosh

LOL this is a fantastic idea for a video 5 stars

#18 jacques19999

wow wow

this guy is a has down sindurium

#19 jehovy

KMAIMKAMLMAOMAL i remember that fake shit, my best friend bought one and we use to take it to school and slap that shit on peoples back in gym class LOL funny days

#20 immuneshade

wtf is that thingy????

#21 liamshy28


#22 doobeone

put that shit on your dick and wow!!! hehea

#23 gunit437

you look like a retard trying to play the piano lol good video

#24 rsvrider

erm….ok. i’ve just wasted 1 minute 49 secs of my life.

#25 the420winner


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