For Swimming what style of swim can workout my abs the most?


#1 manningcolt26

man, all four competition strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle) don’t really work out your abdomens,
I would suggest what we do at practice, do some drylands (sit-ups, crunches, planks, press-ups and wall sits) and everything you can out of water to work on abdominal muscle definition, then just kill calories with the workout. Breaststroke is absolutely great for teh pectoral muscles. Butterfly helps the deltoids, trapezius muscles and triceps a lot. Backstroke and free help your thighs and a do a lot of toning due to the aerobic workout they give. m

All I have to offer

#2 Emma Jane

definitely try dry-land
but if you really want a good ab workout IN the water try
doing butterfly (dolphin) kick on your back.
Here’s a good set to practice that

[[Depending on your level of swimming ability, you can choose a send off]]

10x 100 50 easy kick 50 kick
Odd ones (1,3,5,7,9) Dolphin Kick
Even ones (2,4,6,8,10) Back-stroke kick or flutter kick (Freestyle kick)

or something like that
just make sure you get some fast dolphin kicking in

#3 U cramp my style

fly defiantly, its the hardest to learn, but it really fun once you learn. hope I helped! : ) (swimming is the only sport the works every muscle in your body)

#4 Matt

Dolphin kick, especially on your back. Fins are helpful for just starting.

#5 Taylor R

all four but this is what you should do-
Warm up – 2-3 minutes of easy movements. Focus on the entire body, head to toe. Flex and extend all the joints, keeping movements at a low to moderate speed.

Main Session – 20-40 minutes of continuous aerobic activity. Workout within your personal fitness level and established medical guidelines
Strength Water Workout (optional) – 5-15 minutes of abdominal and/or arm exercises using strength resistant equipment like DeltaBells, X-Cuffs, and Web Pro Gloves.

Cool Down – 3 minutes of easy fluid movements in the water. Decrease speed and perform movements which emphasize those muscle groups worked during the session.

Stretch – A thorough stretch is always a good idea after (and before) your workout

#6 TWH Rider

well all strokes. I was swimming breststroke and going knowwhere. Then i switched coachs and she changed my form i nthe breast and now after about 3-4 months of good hard training im am ripped! but yes all stokes you use your abs( if doing the strokes properly)

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