Fitness – Rock’n No Rolls Workout

To follow all of Zuzana’s daily home workout routines &diet tips visit her fitness blog: www.BodyRock.Tv


#1 Darkfuturee


#2 lilPhil15

I cant wait to see your new car!

#3 jrpg909

your awesome, i love your videos.

#4 r0cksztar

crazy body :D

#5 dutymaster1


#6 fireshot22

why does she keep touching her pillow in the begginng?

#7 Pr0ph3cysGaming101

i wish i was Fredrick

#8 gerry2345

Very good workout…

#9 emart4

Stop taking notes

#10 Yaozhuvip

I can’t goto sleep at night if I workout after 8pm.

#11 drinndrann

Are you Zuzana?

#12 HuckeysWorld

good place to but the timer….lol

#13 xoBeautySparkzxo

@SlateCreekProduction people have said that shes from Czech Republic.

#14 diana1234beauty

Zuzana do u have a recomendation for people who are very large we can’t do this thanks!

#15 markchang49

nice workout

#16 mememe123xyz


She’s Czech if I remember right… pretty sure…

#17 Damionte

@eamanemiriel Go to their website. If you’re just now catching her you’re getting her a year or two into a workout that has been gettin gprogressively harder. If yo ugo to their site and start watching the videos from the beginning you will get the much easier excersises she was doing before. The site is free and the videos are archived.

#18 mike1981ification

@Castalis011 try on youre fist

#19 mike1981ification

@eamanemiriel just go to her site she has a beginer program in the archive section,you will also find her war-up and streching routine have fun!

#20 markchang49

nice workout

#21 markchang49

her workouts look intense.

#22 markchang49

nice workout

#23 GlimmerBelle

Great workout, I agree with others, can you please show some warm up and cool down stretching ideas?

#24 myzzio

im trying this now :D If I succeed I’ll let you know on your blog site

#25 SlateCreekProduction

i love your accent, where are you from?

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