Female Weight training part 1

demonstration and talk thru of some basic weight training exercises to help women get started in the weight room


#1 jodileatthayter92

Would you do this all in one workout? and in this specific order?

#2 pinkoiz54321

Excellent Video ! I was wondering, if you can maybe guide on what should be a good 40-50 min workout for women beginners

#3 CoachJBurk

inhale down (negative), exhale on way up (positive)

#4 chatlil

Hi …..is there a particular way we need to breathe while doing this excercise i mean like when to breathe in and out

#5 virgie555

This is a fantastic video! I have been looking for something like this…I really needed to see some proper form thanks!

#6 CoachJBurk

can vary, 3 sets of 15 reps would work fine, dont forget to have some variety though

#7 erin1279

how many reps are recommended… 3 sets of 15 reps?

#8 walterbrob

he lets the weight down too fast on laterals,lil more negative

#9 GeorgeStr8gal

this is a good video, very helpful :)

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