Fat Personal Trainer Weight Loss Photos

This is photos of my complete weight loss quest when I went from 276lbs down to 178 lbs in jus 6 months. Did you enjoy the “Fat Personal Trainer Weight Loss Photos” video? For the web’s best Six Pack ABS Workout & Excercise Videos visit www.sixpackfactory.com for everything you need to get ripped!


#1 hemnetjer

This is nice….very inspirational indeed (don’t mind all the haters comments,most of them are prob. fat)

#2 FreeOnlineWorkouts

Thanks for posting. This is pretty inspirational..
I’ve been losing a lot of weight on the belly blast program..


Have you heard of it? It seems to be working for me so far..

#3 BodyfitManchester

top video keep up the good work

#4 DJaySnoopZ

Fake ….and if not good jod..but i think this shit is Fake 0_o

#5 DJaySnoopZ

@The505Guys LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!! man lol…why dont they ever use real people with these kinda things…you realize when it comes to these tv adds and youtube videos They never use people with TATTOOS …that would be 1000% proof ! lmao……iant gone lie i thought it was him…..thankz The505Guys

#6 Powerbiggs

An Alle .Schaut euch doch mal das video Deine Persönliche Chance an.

#7 bestfitnesstrainertv

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#8 90ifydennis1

take a look at his other vids…he made almost every day a vid …so you can see the transformation better and then you would know that that isn´t a fake!

#9 sammyseg1982

amazing well done!!!

#10 enzedbrit

I have to ask – is the photograph of you by the Ferris Wheel taken at the same time as the ‘before’ photo? It looks like you’re considerably slimmer in the ‘before’ photo than the outdoor shot.

#11 The505Guys

Look at the first picture and then at the last…it’s clearly not the same person…it just isn’t.

#12 Motown025

well done mate

#13 Nasrudin06

Wow, your personal trainer must be a genius :O

Pretty amazing

#14 games4lifefreak

lol @ last picture. rapist face

#15 hotladyhot1

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#16 hotladyhot1

Check my profile for free diet help , i lost over 50 pounds in 4 months using it.

#17 JonnyFitnessNYC

Nice dude. Congratulations!

#18 mellowman07

Honestly the photos seem strange.. looks like your head is stuck onto the body in half the photos…

Anyway sorry for being skeptical.. its not that I dont believe you.. It can be done
but the photos just looks odd for some reason

#19 Kobra54321

great job

#20 huyaha

good stuff man. great achievement keep training and eating clean

#21 PirateKing1256

Get a tan and hair waxed.

#22 iknowyoux

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#23 goldlmine007

Check my page!

#24 Sanchezik00

Avesome Man !!! this is that what i want

sorry for my english … ;/

#25 rewards1rocksman

the cheesy-ass music ruins it, sounds like music from a horrible infomercial

and by the way, something is very fishy about this video, look at how the body buldges in some parts but the same part shrinks in the next photo, you can tell they were taking photos of various people with various fat-percentages and shooping his head on to the bodies

u dont need to pay money to learn how to get abs, just do some crunches everyday, eat a balanced diet and exercise, theres nothing to it

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