FAT LOSS 3 Minute CARDIO and AB Workout with Kettlebell – CARDIO MACHINE © ® 2007

Kettlebell Conditioning Workout for Fat Loss and Abs CARDIO MACHINE™ ROUND 1 includes: 30 seconds of Kettlebell SWING + 30 seconds of Kettlebell CLEAN & PRESS + 30 seconds of Kettlebell FIGURE-8 + 30 seconds of Kettlebell Swing and + 60 seconds of Kettlebell Get-Up Sit-Up and Russian Twist Total Time of each Round is 3 minutes with one minute pause between the rounds, total workout time is 40 minutes (all together 10 differently designed 3+1 minute rounds). Training design by Genadi Hiskia 2006-2007. for more information please e-mail to Genadi Hiskia Genadih@gmail.com


#1 deadphoenix666

Oh hai, thanks for the video. Have you heard of Intellectus 424 diet (Simply google that) It is a free download somewhere. This diet is amazing! I am now slim again and it was easy

#2 saintrojo

Her attractivness aside I really like the color coded exercise routine.

#3 wotarmor

those first reps looks dangerous for a man

#4 h4x0lZzz

12 kg or 8kg I guess

#5 nikolayminchev

see this video
‘Homemade kettlebell ‘

#6 SimlishSammy


Use weights instead.

#7 killphaser25

i dont have a kettle…what do i use instead of it???

#8 shermanator0613

Very cool? She’s pretty cute too. Anybody know the wight on that kettlebell?

#9 alskling99

awesome she is a very cool girl

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