Exercise & Fitness Tips : How to Get Bigger Arm Muscles With Hand Weights

To get bigger arm muscles with hand weights, work the deltoid, bicep, tricep muscles and forearm through an organized resistance training program. Find specific exercise to gain larger arm muscle mass with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise. Expert: Sam Moore Bio: Sam Moore is the fitness manager for the Lakewood 24 Hour Fitness. Filmmaker: stephen kuykendall


#1 marlon1be

its al bout finger strenght ”quickbreak down ” game more

#2 schmonable

@Krauz85 oh not good
but how do u type?

#3 koffypr

Soooo no vitamins no shakes no steroids?

#4 Potatoerapper

@Krauz85 omg i feel soo bad for u i honestly dont think they can help u try going to a surgeon they might be able to get u a fake arm back and how wat accident was it.

#5 thejayboy1

I really like eHow and expertvillage’s videos ,becouse at the end of the video i didnt learn shit from it …

#6 tman25100

@Krauz85 seriouly lol

#7 iggy2324

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#8 wigimanXx

im ripped from masterbating

#9 capoeirabob

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#10 MrHoboPoker

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#11 pollo9500

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#12 itsWAZZA1

@whampa10 makes you wonder ay…. LOL

#13 whampa10

@Krauz85 How are you typing ?

#14 JamminWest

Ok, there’s more than “4″ muscles in your arm, the key to getting big arms i hit the smaller muscles to. I.E inbetween the bi and tri (brachialis)


And for your forearms you can you can do different kinds of curlings motions at your wrist, you can curl forwards, curl backwards, curl to the side and you jack off

#16 earydog

@Krauz85 did you type this with your legs?

#17 bustatenkemo76

@pete070597 should do about 4 sets each of about 10 -12 reps but i dont recomend this every day u can do example monday shoulders tuesday biceps wed triceps
-Titan Team’s

#18 ares12790

@iplayitmyway hahahhha lol

#19 iplayitmyway

@ares12790 “Your dick… which is your… Dick”


#20 pete070597

How long should i do this per day?

#21 candlewhiskey

why does everybody in this supposed village of experts vaguely know what they are talking about EXCEPT FOR THAT FUCKING DRUMMER??!!

#22 Ilovefootball1998

Thanks i know how to use my weights Properly now !!!!

#23 sports444life

hand weights? You mean dumbbells?

#24 YoMamasPoop53

At lmao look at how it looks at 1:13-1:15 he’s prob use to tht motion :P

#25 lookitsjudas

Rashad Evens?

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