Does this sound like a good six pack abs workout and diet?

Does this sound like a good workout plan for six pack abs? Stationary bike for 2 hours, eleptical trainer for half hour, 5 pound weight curls in each arm 200 times and the 8 min abs workout on youtube 10 times a day. Plus drink nothing but water and eat healthy foods. I also get 8 hours of sleep. If this is a good workout for six pack abs how long do you say it would take to see results? If it isn’t can you please tell me a good workout or add something to this one? I am 13 weighing 108 pounds and about 5 foot 1 inch. Thanks!

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#1 Captain Awesome

No. You should give your abs about 3-4 days to recover before working on them again. Also do all the crunches, curls, ankle locks etc. all at one time, not throughout the day. You definitely need protein to build muscle. This should help:

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