does contour (abs workout belt) give great results? and does it have any bad long term or side effects?

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#1 Neil

The ads prey on people that don’t understand fat loss which is the vast majority, hence the huge market potential for these silly products.
You simply cannot target fat loss. If you want to lose fat from your tummy area, you have to change your diet and increase your output in terms of exercising. This means you will lose fat all over your body.

Do you think the people in the ads got those bodys by using the products they are advertising. NO, they did not. They are all super-fit gym-aholics and never used these belts. They have single-figure BF%.
Muscle and fat are two different types of tissue. If you have a smooth or fat tummy using these belts or doing crunches will not ‘turn the fat into muscle’
Everybody has a six or eight pack already! They just can’t be seen on people that have a high BF%. The layer of fat is sitting on top of the layer of muscles.
So the only way that you will trim your tummy to be able to see muscle is to get your BF% down to 10% or less. This is done by increasing exercising and proper diet.

The only side effects of such products is disappointment. Don’t go near them.

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