Does anyone know a good workout for the abs?

i want a slimmer stomach, the kind where u can see an outline of a four pac or somthing but only when u flex otherwise i want my stomach to be smoother and flat. how do i get rid of a little patch of fat i have on my lower stomach under my bellybutton? any workout tips? ideas? help please


#1 Mr. Fitness

yea i have a really defined 6 pack, i use the machines at the gym..the ones that require weight…i did 65 pounds 100 times today…i normally do 110lb 2 sets of 50.

#2 lifesaclassroom

good old fashion crunches. lay on your back, legs straight up in front of you and then pump up reaching your toes (right hand to left foot helps define that side curves) Also lay on your back, bicycle your legs pumping up to touch your nose to your knees as they come up. Also, lay on your back and take turns bringing your knees up to your face as you crunch down. You can also lay on your back and raise both legs up and then slowly down and repeat (altho this can be hard on your back) Good luck! :)

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