Does anyone have any quick workout ideas for good abs.?

i need a quick workout that will get my abs in shape for prom. please help me thanks


#1 Wiltt33

do lots of cardio or it wont work and do lots of situps and when you walk around suck your stomach in its burns calories there and you will loose it ……………another alternative is to buy an ab lounge

#2 ST Elsewhere character

Are you going belly up for the prom? do six set total 15 reps each set of reverse crunches and straight leg lifts 3 sets each excersise,,, maybe lift small dumb bells with the leg lifts

#3 wyntur1

pilates helps with your tummy, and cardio. Use one of those big balls when doing stomach crunchs burns quicker. If you just do ab workouts then it builds muscle underneath any flab you have and makes your stomach look bigger, thats why cardio is good to go along with ab workouts, burns the fat off

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