Does anyone have a good upper body workout for the chest and abs?

im 5′5 male and weigh 153 im tryin to get down to 145…gotta be sexy for high school next year. I also need to know how to get 360 degree waves in my hair


#1 Dan Soschin

Sit ups and push ups.

#2 thamanna


#3 Bish_izh

Check this URL. It has excellent workout routines for all parts of body with illutration. Really very very good

#4 Andy

crunches work but they take a toll on your back well for me they do at least. push ups are good if you do them right. weight lifting is another good way to tone up and get good pecs. i’ve been hearing things about jacking off tightens up your abs dont know if its true but hey try it and see what happens.

#5 Dondare

Press ups and pull ups and what the hell are 360 degree waves?

#6 Gabriel S

if you want a good chest you have to use dumbells. When you use dumbells your weak arm has to become stronger and it cant get any help from your stronger arm.ex barbell. Use the dumbell on a flat bench to work the upper part of the chest and incline to work the bottom. I got results in less than a month.

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