Does a rowing machine work your abs? What other muscle groups benefit from the workout?

Interested in a rowing machine for my apartment. My midsection is the most important muscle group, will a rowing machine work my abs? What other muscle groups benefit?

Also, I am interested in a recommendation for a good budget model. I’m looking to spend $500 – $1000, hopefully on the low end. In addition, is there a good rowing video that will teach me proper form for the machine?

Thanks to all who respond


#1 John

Why don’t you just join a gym???

#2 Andrew (6 pack)

What’s the name of the machine? If it’s a Low Row, the answer is no. It works your upper back, and shoulders. You may feel the burn in yur abs, but most rowing machines work your upper back and shoulders.

#3 craig_is_coo1

You should really join a gym instead. They have weights and machines that can strengthen every muscle in the body. Basically all a row machine will work is your: biceps, shoulders and possibly your lower back depending on the machine. And if you’re only interested in working your abs, you don’t need to buy anything. Basic sit ups and crunches are just as effective as any magic ab excercise you see on tv

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