Denise Austin workout 4



#1 publicatdamagnificen

”You people are a bunch of pervs”, You should be ashamed of yourself”…Blah blah blah blah

#2 fiftywaves50

@ freeaworld: You’re right on. These videos have helped me get in a lot better shape. She is a great physical trainer. (and she’s hot looking)

#3 brandnewflavainyaear

Wish she still came on Lifetime :(

#4 usmc290

sorry all of u female fitness trainers but denise is hands down the best the queeeeen hail denise

#5 freeaworld

i used to look at her for haha, but one day i said ok lets exercise with her, and man was it hard, she did it 8 mins straight? i was like 3 mins and im out, then i started to appreciate her in a whole new level, she is really good at what she does, dont look at her body in a lustful way, exercise with her and see how good she is!

#6 Sara40200

She is the best when it comes to working out–i love her ab exercises and cardio–it makes me feel great! as for the rest of you sick asses–get a real girl and get laid instead of watching workout vids–pathetic

#7 materialclassified

so watch it and quit commenting on matters that do not interest you.

#8 patriot256

yeah but she still looks hot doing it..admit it

#9 nicole18luvdolla

i guess i have to come here to get my work out now

#10 gatineausparks

So true.. these people sounds really lame, and they don’t realize how lame they sound. She is a really good work-out instructor, shes v ery encouraging and makes you feel good about working out.

#11 ByeByeBelly

sigh, I want exercise video, not to perve on her.

#12 lamusevenale

discusting people. she is just doing exercices. come on.

#13 budzkarz

She has a young wife next door quality about her,innocent and sex queen all in one tan lovely woman.My my my,watching this one even has my tongue hard!!!!YUMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOO !!

#14 oldunit

nice ‘toe’views,i don’t like to see her in long black pants.she keeps her nipples well hidden,does anyone have a vid. showing them.

#15 Mike7681

She’s so scrumptious!!

#16 bent139

Very nice. Good long clip. Can never have enough Denise…makes me hungry…and not for food!

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