Chest Workout Home Version

The ” Chest workout Home edition ” was designed to provide an easy and fun professional workout for everyone. These exercises are designed to tone main pectoral muscles (upper, major and minor pectoral muscles) and you can workout wherever you want: at home, in the park, on the beach or at the gym. No special equipment is required for this workout: if you don’t have a bench for elevated push-ups, use any elevated surface (chair, box, etc.).


#1 flatblackstrat

@learber Or you’ll wind up with a broken set of balls.

#2 ChuckleTaylor

@learber Been there, done that :P

#3 0verk1ll

@Shinykoicarp Yeah, push-ups require the use of all the upper-body muscles. Your biceps and triceps should gradually increase in strength and size as you continue with this exercise.

#4 MrViprod1

@wsd101 I have been doing push ups for a while and i get discouraged because instead of my chest getting toned, my arms get the work. What chest exercises would you suggest?

#5 wsd101

@MrViprod1 my dad always tells me to do more push ups and any chest excercise methods will do.

#6 MrViprod1

ok guys, my problem is that i’m not fat, overweight or even chubby. I’m a slim guy and the situation is that I have man boobs and it looks real weird. Does any of you have any suggestions or tips on losing them?

#7 learber

yea!! my last comment got 24 thumbs up!

#8 cristinell97


#9 cristinell97

is tare bune intructiile

#10 0inferior0

@martin3206123456789 i had the same problem with the 3rd phase so i made 1 min breaks it help to get through whole routine, and after a week or two working with 1 min breaks try it normal, just push and don’t give up, it will start to get easier..

#11 Shinykoicarp

@0verk1ll THANKYOU! some sense I thought it trained your biceps gosh the other guy should reasearch more first! Does this also increase the size of your triceps?

#12 garudTGP

@CookieMonsterHungryL yes it was so painful but you will satisfied because you know that this train is working!

#13 CookieMonsterHungryL

this is so painfull, but when i finish i feel so good.

#14 martin3206123456789

@0inferior0 well, I can do it, I’m just having problems at the 3rd phase, during last push ups..

#15 phiconphy

@Shinykoicarp 2 Days and eat properly

#16 0inferior0

@martin3206123456789 try doing this with 1 min recovery time, then when you menage to do that go for 30 sec recovery..

#17 0verk1ll

@Shinykoicarp Your biceps will get larger before your pectorals because they are smaller muscles, and are most likely weaker at this point in time. If you continue with the routine, you should see improvements soon – your chest is one of the slowest muscles to strengthen, because it is already probably a lot stronger than the rest of your upper-body.

#18 Shinykoicarp

Ok i get it guys im alien! my biceps are getting bigger not my triceps :’( im alien!!

#19 masoiaXL

You don’t exercise your biceps with this… only your triceps and chestmuscles.

#20 MrAaront703

this is deadly as fuck lol

#21 matmanxify

it burns us

#22 halosparten118

do i do this every day now?

#23 Foreignguy22

@Shinykoicarp Try every other day.

#24 MrAaront703

30 seconds???? i did 30 minutes!

#25 Shinykoicarp

How often should be do this? every 2 or every 3 days?

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