Can someone help me plan my abs workout???

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me plan an abs workout… an hour everyday….I plan to do this workouts ( bycicle about 12 – 16 reps per set, Vertical Leg Crunch abput 12 – 16 reps per set and reverse crunch about 12 – 16 reps per set) I would like to know how may sets I need to build my abs….I’m a female and I would only like to have little abs … not the six pack just the kind that can be seen.. and How long would it take me to see results….


#1 Alicia

I’ve never built abs, so I cant help you. However, I’d do it every other day. If you work them too much, you can damage the tissue.

#2 Steve Saunders

I found this guide really helpful…there so much more to it than just situps for two hours a day and the like.

Its step by step and may help .

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