Can someone give me a workout schedule on the chest back shoulders legs abs biceps triceps and forearms?

List the days and workouts.


#1 Plato

day 1 chest and tris, abs
day 2 shoulders and legs, abs
day 3 biceps and back

do 3 diff. exercises for each body part. 3 sets for the exercise.

#2 Skatin'

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe is a fantastic program.

Here’s a writeup of it:

Otherwise, you’ll have to buy it off Amazon.

#3 jared

Well lets see chest,Back,Shoulder,Arms,Legs and abs

First of diet try to eat about 2500 calories/day ie dont include fast foods or junk foods 6 days/week on the 7th day eat whatever you want.6 days of good meals of 2500 calories and 1 day of cheat day.


Day 1-Shoulder/Triceps

3 sets of 6 reps

By sets i am the number of times you do that exercise,by reps i mean the number of times you do the 1 set.

Dumbbell press-3*6

Smith machine overhead press-3*6

Lateral raises 3*Failure

One arm raises 3*10-12

Power shrugs dumbbell 3*Failure

Power shrugs Barbell 3*Failure

Overhead tricep extention 3*8-10

Skull crushers 3*8-10

Overhead dumbbell one arm or 2 arm extention 3*8-10

Day 2-Back/Biceps/Abs

Lat pulldown 3*10-12

Deadlift once-twice in a month 3*Failure

Dumbbell or Barbell rows 3*6-8

T-bar rows 3*6-8

Reverse pec-dec 3*6-8

Dumbbell alternate curl 3*12

Concentration curl 3*Failure

Preacher curl 3*6-8

Cruches 3*12

Leg raises 3*12

Rope crunches 3*20

Side twists 3*10-20

Day 3-Off

Day 4-Legs/Abs

Squats 1-2 times/week-3*8

Leg press-3*Failure

Leg extention 3*12,8,6

Leg curl 3*8

Sitting leg curl 3*8

Sitting calf raises 3*8

Standing calf raises 3*8

Machine crunches 3*12

Rope crunches 3*8-10

Crunches using weight on your chest 3*8-10

Day 5-Chest

Dumbbell press 3*6-8

Incline dumbbell press 3*6-8

Incline flies 3*6-8

Flies 3*6-8

Cable cross over 3*6-8

Day 6-Take off day or repeat the cycle whatever you feel like it.

Day 7-Eat or do whatever you want

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