Can i do the same ab workout everyday, and still tone my abs?

I’m not over weight, i could lose another 2 pounds but other than that i dont have fat on my stomach. I’ve been doing billy blanks ab boot camp and i’m just wondering if i keep doing that everyday if my abs will start to stop toning. Thanks by the way im a 15 year old girl.
Also im 5′5 and i weigh 115


#1 k.ideas

If you dont have fat on your stomach than doing to ab workouts would build muscle… it’ll just take some time and a healthy diet.

People who do have some fat on their stomachs or even anywhere on their bodies HAVE to do Cardio to burn off the fat along with specific workouts to tone the muscle.

#2 Frank

In your condition, you should notice results quite quickly. However, you should be careful when doing the same exercise repeatedly, as you will stop getting results from it. You should vary the exercise you do and include rest days so the muscles have time to heal.

See for more info.

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