Building muscles and abs workout?

I need tips and workout routine im 5′7 and weight 123 pounds iv ben lifting since yesterday i wanna be build by end of sept is it possible?


#1 Nate F

depends on your definition of built, you can make lots of progress in that amount of time. It would take way too long to write you a whole workout program, but here’s the basics. In no particular order do abs, curls, bench, squat, legpress, and one special lift (like cleans or dead lift) every time you go to the gym. The key is to stay consistent, EVERY OTHER DAY no excuses. eat well (protein) and switch up your workout ex. dumbell press, incline press, close grip bench, normal bench, and push ups can all be used for chest, change up your lift all the time.

#2 Film_babe2000

WHOA!!! You’re 123 lbs? Man, tell me your secret…

Anyways, figure a time to work in the gym for at least one hour, four to five days a week. With that time, walk or run or do some sort of cardio excersising for about 15 minutes. This will warm you up and burn a bit of fat. Now you need to switch up excersises every day so you don’t get bored and so your muscles can still get a good workout. I usually do two days a week on abs and then three days a week on arms and shoulders.
For abs:
Crunches are the best, they suck, but they work. Do about 120 crunches, resting after 30 or 60. STRETCH!!! Another really great one for you lower abs is the backstroke kick. Lie on your back with your hands underneath your tuchis, and bring your legs together and raise them up about 7 inches off the ground. Kick as if doing the flutter kick, just slight kicks up and down, but do them really fast. Do this for about 30 seconds. in the beggining start with 3 reps then work your way up to 5. If you hang from a bar as though you were doing a pull up, but bring your knees in towards your chest instead…OMIGOD! Painful, but look out, sexy!
For Arms and shoulders:
Dumbells! They work great! Push ups, again like the pull-ups mentioned above! Tri dips work good too. Put your hands on the butt part of the chair, facing away from the chair. Your body should be as if you are actually sitting on the chair but your not, and just lower your body down. Did I explain that clearly enough? sorry if I didn’t, I don’t know how else to explain it. Anyways. Some machines work great, just do it correctly.
For Legs:
Ask Chuck Norris or who ever has great legs and tell me, okay?

I hope I helped you. Keep up a good healthy life style and you will do fine! ooooo…and STREEETCH! Very important!

#3 Tim M


I would recommend lifting 3 times per week:
- Monday: Chest and triceps.
- Wednesday: Back and Biceps
- Friday: Legs and shoulders.

Do 3 sets of abs (situps, leg lifts, etc.) at the end of each workout.

It doesn’t have to be mon, wed, friday, but it should be 3 days a week and nonconsecutive days.

Really push the intensity everytime you lift and lift for about 45-60 minutes at a time.

Another important part of the equation is nutrition. Eat a lot of protein and carbs to gain muscle. That is probably 50% of what you need to do. The other 50% is the lifting.

Definitely focus on the following excercises: Bench Press, Dips, Pull-ups, barbell or dumbell row, and squats.

Checkout and search the workout database for some solid routines.

September will come quick but you can get er done.

Good luck.

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