Blake Adams, Spartan Training Program

Day 1 of a series of Spartan Traning taught by Blake Adams


#1 sanawar08

hey i am 168 and 179cm .. i am fit being going to gym .. but always wanted to to free style (without weights) cld like guid me with all the exercise i mean a little chatrt if u can make . ill be greatfull … and as u said ,”fitness is a life choice “

#2 sanawar08

hey i am 168 and 179cm .. i am fit being going to gym .. but always wanted to to free style (without weights) cld like guid me with all the exercise i mean a little chatrt if u can make . ill be greatfull … and as u said ,”fitness is a life choice “

#3 Abreu51

If your down let me know man….we can mix ideas and come up with some crazy stuff

#4 Abreu51

Hey man these workouts kick ass! I’ve been working out pretty hardcore for the last year doing similiar stuff but i feel like i’ve run into a wall and want to take it to the next level. i think your workouts are exactly what i need. Dude do you ever do parkour? My friends and I practice it a few times a week. We’re from the NYC area as well. It would be awesome to set up a weekend to workout togethor. We’re pretty much a bunch of crazy monkies that like to flip around such as your self.

#5 kaddSSs

that’s great!!

#6 abxx49


#7 Conteflas

Hey Blake i was wondering im an out of shape guy i need to loose like 50 pounds most of it in my gut and i was wondering what is an easy ab workout that i can use to eventually have my abs looking like yours

#8 BlakelyAdams

there are several forms of pull ups. what you would be referring to as all the way down is called a hang and pull. you use shoulders then back to pull-up. I do more of a plyometric pull-up with lowest extension being point being the one you see here. Both are good. I prefer these though as my main focus is the back. thanks


Hey Blake I love your attitude.I was wondering though you said go all the way down but you weren’t.Why not?

#10 YoungBlueProductions

Blake, thanks for your quick replay and advice to my question. Started last weekend and it’s tough but fun. Keep up the good work!

#11 karewire

howcome your body has no fat but your face is full??? how did you do that?

#12 Reymaxkiske666

thank you!!

#13 BlakelyAdams

Watch 6 pack abs now, it goes from easy to hard as far as situps are concerned. Overall I would do as many reps of pull ups and pushups as i can varying my grips. I would also do full slow movements focusing on one arm for strength and then fast explosive pushs like in the video’s. Watch the video called indoor reps/sets it has a lot of helpful hints. Intesity is key. Thanks Best Rerards Blake Adams

#14 Benjamin939393

I just want to have some tips on extreme training, a little bit harder all the time… so how should I start? can make 250 sit-ups…

#15 BlakelyAdams

I like the push pull method, but what are you goals?

#16 Benjamin939393

holy shit… not bad at all! You’re great man! liked that very much… I just started. So what sort of training should I do, do you think?

#17 polomall

You’re great man!

#18 BlakelyAdams

Cardio, You have to lower your bmi. You can jump rope, swim, climb, interval running, free running, long distance running, aerobics. For really fast results you do this every other day for an hour. Cut back on soda’s, beer, chips, junk food. Eat high protien, and unlimited amounts of fruit and veg. thanks best regards blake adams

#19 stanleyjustin10

hey blake i want a six pack abs like alot and i know it takes time and patiance but how do you burn the fat b4 u get the abs

#20 DefyFate2022

this vid rocks

#21 Tuga777

your them man I love seeing people getting it in like that and I know you were with bartendaz much respect and keep doing your thing and like I said before your pretty tough peace once again and my name is shad

#22 BlakelyAdams

Giant knows i love him. Part of one of my vids i shot while i was shooting a bartendaz video. Giant was my camera man for me(not on this one). I work out with the bartendaz my name is B-EZ. I’ve been meaning to shoot some new vids with them. shout out to Terminator, prophecy, mexico, big mike, and all the other bartendaz. Nothing is new under the sun my friend our goal is to enlighten the community and expand upon the knowledge gifted to us. Best Regards Blake Adams

#23 Tuga777

And I mean No disrespect once again only asked bc I think I seen you with them

#24 Tuga777

What up I like your effort your pretty good, but in all do respect is that the bartendaz workout training i see you seem to be in the park were brother gaint is and I seen mexico in the background, Im not trying to hate because I respect your effort but do you pay your respect to Gaint just a ? No disrespect to you peace and are you with the bartendaz

#25 BlakelyAdams

lots of protien. I like whey protien. If you would like to loose wieght and gain mass try protien shakes in addition to your healthy day to day diet. Don’t drink sugar juice, pop,or beer. thanks best regards blake adams

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