Biceps and abs workout help?

I am just 14, and i want to know some workouts which would provide optimum results without affecting me in any adverse ways like height growth. ( my science teacher is just 5′5 cu he had started working out when he was 11 )
I am 5′7 now.


#1 Ibrahim

abs should affect your height whtever exercise you do , as for biceps , just make sure you dont lift anything too heavy , and dont lift things over your head , i asked a doc about it once and he said just make sure the weight isnt heavy enough for you to have to put your back to it to hold the weights

#2 Jamie

In my opinion its just a myth that working out effects your height growth, dont worry about it to much. But as for working out and getting the best results i would suggest buying a skipping rope and a chin up bar. Doing chin ups really effects the biceps and chest muscles, doing “pull ups” with the chin up bar also tones and strengthens your back and shoulder muscles, i would aim for about 5 chin ups 3 times a day with a 2 minute break inbetween and add 1 chin up/pull up every 3days of workout gradually working your way up to 25 (you should start seeing results by then.) For ab workouts try doing 25 “crunches and situps” and 10 minutes of skipping (skippings going to help you lose some excess fat around your ab area, this will help define your six pack area better) the same days you do your biceps do them and you should be fine. remember though, always take 1 days break after your workouts because your muscles needs to grow back bigger and stronger and eat a good clean diet “foods full of protiens, No carbs.”


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