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#1 vicsnatural

Nah man- once per week- Vic

#2 engelspiel

Thanks for these tips and pointers. Would you recommend training legs twice a week?


#3 vicsnatural

Hi friend-
No doubt “over time” there are many things that can be harmful. However, I have seen a lot of physical therapists helping people rehab after surgeries, etc.. My mom’s doctor has her doing this in his office and last I visited a nursing home, leg extension machines were all they had for legs. I have a strong feeling there are a lot of folks who don’t train their legs at all, or with 1/3 of the effort of other body parts. Most likely, no one will be over doing it. Wink

#4 staruga8

Very good and informative video.

#5 laxgivens

over time thought doesnt that exercise put damage to your knees?

#6 vicsnatural

Indeed- I actually have a band workout on my site- you can do squats without weight using movements similar to ballet dancers that can fry your legs. Take a look at the band workout on my site. Vic

#7 asklyar

Vic, if I don’t have access to leg press (i workout on home gym) and I do squats and deadlifts, would you approach those moves with the same methodical form you do for leg press?

#8 casualthug07

must take a lot of discipline and good genetics to get a physique like that naturally.

#9 pkidro

@vicsnatural awesome thank you, cause i dont wanna look like a light bulb :D , I’ve been working out for 3 months, I was 136, now iam 147, got amazing results and I can’t be happier.

#10 vicsnatural

I never understood the difference in the tension. Every bodybuilder does leg presses. Is s squat really a free weight exercise. When I do a squat there wouldn’t be much of a difference if I was using a smith machine to do the squats. The question can, these exercises make your legs bigger isn’t stupid at all.The answer is the only thing that makes your legs bigger is YOU. You should really train and experiment. don’t be afraid to take everyone’s advice and trust your intuition. PeaceVic

#11 pkidro

I have a question, would these exercises make your legs bigger ( might be a stupid question) but I know free weight is the way to go if you want to gain muscle mass. I do legs once a week, all the exercises you showed us are available at my gym. thx

#12 vicsnatural

Pretty darn good for anyone-
I am an advocate of taking it easy at your age. I would only train once per week with weights- meaning once for each body part- don’t put too much stress on the joints- you have a long life ahead of you.

#13 x12danx

You have the face of an accountant, but the body of Hercules

#14 krisyboy100

Hey Vic, for my leg workout i start with leg press and do 230 kgs, then move to seated leg press with 195 kgs, leg extensions with 50 kgs, then seated leg curls with around 70 kgs, is that a good enough leg workout for my age(im 15), what would you recomend to improve my leg workout?

#15 DuncanGermPro

Thanks man, gonna try this out in a little bit.

#16 reboh79


#17 vicsnatural

Easy- I have been stage ready for 20 years- I eat the same with very little variation. I have a tremendous amount of discipline, sometimes to my detriment and I train extremely hard.
My mind is what keeps me in this condition all year round. I don’t drink alcohol and I never eat any sugar or white flour. It’s been like this for about 15 years now. I’m not special, anyone who follows this like I do will be where I am if not better. It is just commitment, nothing more. Vic

#18 Nitzelkaschnitzel89

thank you i will try it tomorrow

#19 Kryptsanies

You say youre natural but how are you stage ready all year round?

#20 4wwb

This is a very great video. Before I used to do high weights, which put tension on all the wrong places. Then I tried a managable weight and did it slowly. The amount of tension in the actual muscle groups I wanted to grow was crazy, I could feel all the muscle fibres shaking in my legs, such a sensation.

The next day my legs for the first time felt sore, not pain, but a weird pump-like feeling everytime I walk, or stand up.

Thanks Vic!

#21 CHRIS454

Great tips, good video, and great explanation. Its hard when i try to teach my friends the right workout because nobody likes doing legs and they neglect them, and i hate that, lol. Keep on keepin’ on man.

#22 ScorchingZero

Damn. I wish I has your abs. You are such a defined/ripped dude. That says a lot for you; that you are a hard worker and are very disciplined with your diet and weight training regimen. I mostly noticed them when you were performing the leg press. Good job and keep up the work. You are truly an inspiration.

#23 RagingBaby

You make lifting an artwork. Peace to you brother!

#24 acarianu

really nice video ! comments and all the explanations !

#25 vicsnatural

My work is about teaching and protecting people. I tried to make sure my people wouldn’t get injured. It could take me an hour just to explain the squat so that I could go to bed at night knowing some kid in Indiana, New Jersey, Wyoming or even the U.K. and Australia, could misinterpret something and get hurt.
I have to be very careful in looking out for people. I think these things out carefully. To me this seemed safe and sensible. Vic

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