Best Core Abs exercise | Windshield Wipers | Ninja Ab Shredder

ripped abs in no time ripped obliques in no time Here’s how in 55 seconds. 80 x Wind shield wipers! ————————————————- Muscles Involved in this exercise: Entire Abdominal, obliques, lower back, biceps, forearms, shoulders, quads, calves. See title picture for reference. =================== Exercise tips beginners: -Legs and feet close together -Doesn’t matter what grip as long as you can hang. (wide grip is harder) -Controlled form, do not over swing legs. (risk of injury) -Start slow and develop good form, then proceed to increase reps and speed. -Buttocks pointing forwards, not towards the ground. -Angle of rotation to whatever comfortable, this will be dependent on the persons flexibility. Aim for 10 o clock and 2 clock positions. Eventually move on to 9 – 3 o clock, and farther if your body permits. A few sets of 10x is more then enough a day if you do this everyday. You do no have to do 80x. Ninja Bio: Vegan no pre workout / nrg drinks no roids / drugs etc. natural low protein diet. no supplements. REGULATE your breathing pattern. Your abs will experience extended periods of uninterrupted flexing. Breathe in when legs hit 12 o clock breath out as legs wind down. Do this exercise SLOWLY and get use to this pattern first. Once this technique is perfected you should be able to do 100s of these or proceed to weighted version of the exercise. Techniques for: Ninja Expert(s): Add strap on ankle weights 10lbs per feet Add strap on wrist


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