Belly Roll & Hip Rolls!


#1 LLadyLovely

Could you please make a video showing us how to do it? :) I’d love to learn it.

#2 PrEttYbAbYmx

que divertida se ve!!!!… ZZZZZZZZZZZ

#3 mcdavis1983

Awesome video! Super cute belly button! You should get a belly button ring!

#4 xxhumblepiexx

@BellyBonanza94 You’re welcome!
I hope you make lots more :)

#5 BellyBonanza94

@thumpjumper Ohh! I have never tried that…I may have to set aside some time to try that! :) Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming please!!! :D Thanks! x

#6 BellyBonanza94

@xxhumblepiexx Aww! :D Thank youuuu!! Very kind of you! x

#7 BellyBonanza94

@ertancubukcu Thanks for your comment :) It made me smile! And thanks you for your comment on my belly and navel :D

#8 ertancubukcu

that is a really sexy thing! what a sexy looking belly and navel! and you can do amazing things with it!

#9 xxhumblepiexx

girl, you have a great body :)

#10 bellie28

wow, you can move your belly soooo cool and beautiful =)
really nice bellyrolls !!!!!!!!!!!!!

#11 ratedr2004

love the belly rolling can you do it a lil closer the the camera next time if you dont mind

#12 thumpjumper

That was alright. You consintrated on your belly roll technique. The flex thing you did at 1:17 was great! You need to do a few more of those once in a while. The side view was good to. You moved your belly like a audio oscillator. I have seen a professional dancer bent backward near the floor rolled coins on her stomach. Placing a large coin on her stomach then Using her stomach muscels alone she moved the coin up to her ribs then back down way past her hips.

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