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Back Workout and Lat Workout and Training Routine Lat Pulldown with Master Trainer Victor Costa. Train your back with a Trainer Considered to be one of the best Trainers in the world.Vic’s site


#1 vicsnatural

Here’s the deal. When you see someone who you would describe as “bulked up”, would you really want that physique? To me, bulked up reminds me of that smooth look- kind of steroidy, soft, no real quality muscle, no conditioning, just a larger – meatier version of one’s self with slightly less mobility, slightly less good health. I would eat three meals a day and train hard so you look like you are building quality muscle. It takes time so be patient. It will pay off

#2 Specterr1001

hey vic
i got a question that i’ve been going over in my head over and over. i thought who better to ask than you.. okay so i’m 16 and i’m not trying to do BIG bodybuilding yet but i want to gain muscle. and i’m pretty lean. i’m wondering if i eat more will i bulk up easier? like i know i’ll gain some fat but.. will it be easier to bulk up with more body mass. instead of waiting for body mass as i go.

#3 vicsnatural

I don’t even know what to say to that-
An honour. Thank you, Vic

#4 Rind0Man

You remind me of the great Frank Zane.

#5 vicsnatural

I like back and biceps-
chest and triceps
shoulder and legs for a typical split- for a 3 on 2 off split
I have been doing one body part per day about 3 days on – then two days off– I have been benefitting greatly from training this way- I have had to retrain my mind to relax and understand that less is more- for what I am trying to achieve-

#6 vicsnatural

I meant – by waiting a few more seconds between sets- was able to use heavier weights throughout -using the same form-

#7 dasmonkeyman

@vicsnatural I’ve been seeing good results using the maximum weight i can while still maintaing good form… I’m converted. Thanks very much

#8 Czaendermajer

you look familiar, i wonder who… ANJI MITO!?▐ 8O

#9 afridi10

@vicsnatural thnk yuuu mateeee…. def 5 stars.

#10 vicsnatural

This video describes where to place the tension, when you first start pulling you know exactly where you are going to feel it when you complete the rep. The key is to feel it in the back, even before you begin the rep/ as soon as you touch the bar. It’s the approach and it involves practice.

#11 afridi10

QUESTION!. whenever i do ma back/lat works out. how come i feel burn on ma biceps.nun on ma bak?

#12 vicsnatural

Thank you for your service. I salute you. My father was a Sergeant in the US Army and I was born on the base in Nuremburg, Germany in 1970. I wanted to go into the Army but I was too much of a pussy. Seriously, I always looked up to army men and I wore my uniform and took his patches and put them on my clothes as a kid. My grandfather and great grandfather have distinctions and during WWII. I want to let you know you are an inspiration to me. Facebook page- Victor Costa trainer

#13 vicsnatural

Indeed-I think these are the rudiments of good back training. However, there are so many variations and I encourage my viewers to experiment. Certainly a building block to many more exercises and opportunities. Vic

#14 TomRaider410

Superb instructions. Ten thumps up! One question, though. Can these exercises prepare me to be able to do pull ups?

#15 matej12000

I am a member of the US Army and am overseas currently. One of the biggest stress reliefs out here is to workout. I have been for quite some time but would only make minimal progress. Ever since i have found your videos i have done my absolute best to incorporate your training into mine. And i have never seen better gains in my life. I would just like to thank you sir and let you know you are an inspiration

#16 vicsnatural

I have been doing some dead lifting recently. Funny thing is- I feel it only in my rear and legs. My lower back is very strong so my hands give out before I feel anything there. However, I will lower the weight and take my own advice and make that connection. That’s the only part of my body that I try to baby. I can dead lift quite a bit of weight, but “a man with a bad back ain’t worth shit” someone’s grandmother told me that and I worn’t forget it. Stay healthy – Vic

#17 MurphyJ83

yes, you are right, 1 min. is still short. I like 30 sec.- like you recommend in the videos, sometimes even shorter, 1 way too long fo me.
this way the pump is perfect, the workout time very short and reps are like you describe them: they start around 15 and go down on the last set to 7 or 8.

you wrote, that this change made a huge difference (tric video) and you measured progress.
what do you mean by difference / progress ? more reps, higher weights or
bigger muscles ?


#18 Ardaani

Hi! Do you do dead lift or any other moves to strengthen your lower back?

#19 checka1989

i do these 3 excersises twice a week, my back is my best part

#20 vicsnatural

@MurphyJ83 I would still say 1 minute to 2 minutes is short. I have recommended catching breath and then moving on with next set. I am hardly ever out of breath so I move forward quicker than most people. I started to experiment with duration between sets. A lot of folks need to maintain the connection so resting longer can break that connection. For people who have already made an intense connection I would suggest experimenting with rest times. I have measured progress.

#21 MurphyJ83

Hi Vic,

interesting, that your doctor thinks your low pulse is from your short rest periods.
but are you still doing short rest periods ?
in your videos ( which are some years old ) you talk about 30 sec. of rest ( max. 40 sec.). but in your newer answers you recommend much longer rests:
1-2 min. ( which is double or even 4x as long as recommended in the videos ! ).
why did you change this ?
do you have different rest periods for bigger and smaller muscle groups ?

Thanks !

#22 vicsnatural

@gowtham12134 I would say so . Vic

#23 gowtham12134

@vicsnatural thank sir…those three workout is enough for biceps..

#24 vicsnatural

Hi friend- watch my bicep workout and try it for several weeks- also, train your biceps once per week, not twice. Peace, Vic

#25 vicsnatural

@pavy415 4 to 5 attempts per exercise. 2 exercises max per body part. Vic

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