Back Trouble During Abs Workout?

My lower back kills during any abs exercise. I have tried strengthening the rest of my core and lower back but still hurting. If im doing sit-ups, my lower back also clicks every time on the way down!

Not really sure what my question is, but any advice on anything!?


#1 Jhteww

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#2 dalocalboywitdahaolename

need to get it checked, go see a chiropractor

#3 ny

If you have problems with your back while doing ad exercises, try the

this one will do the best for you, see how you will be laying on your
back, legs in the air:

if you are ready to invest in a ball, try Russian twists, they make
waist smaller and abs harder, and your back lays on the ball:

Ball Knee crunches, where you support yourself with the hands:

abdominal dragon flags :

Abdominal Leg Raises:

they have animated photos, so it’s easy to understand how to do them.

#4 Stephanie

yeah, i had trouble doing sit-ups at first, but then i realized i was doing it the wrong (more difficult) way…with my feet on the ground. you should bend your legs up and cross them at your ankles in the air, this way it doesn’t put too much pressure on your back, and it gives you a more quality of a crunch, so you’re building more muscle.
i added a video to kinda help show what i’m talking about, but the guy isn’t really crunching, it looks like he’s gut flexing, haha. but you should get the idea.
hope i helped. :)

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