Arm & Leg Workout Video for Women | Get Madonna Arms

Want Michelle Obamas arms? How to get toned arms and legs exercise video. Arm and leg exercises for women. An easy to follow, short workout, that you can do at home to get your arms and legs looking toned a muscular, without the bulk. All you need is an exercise band and 15 minutes. These are great exercises for women of all ages because they are low impact. Exercises for biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles and exercises for the calf muscle quad and hamstring and butt. Try these exercises 4 to 5 days a week and you will be sure to see results. Toned arms are sexy! These are arm and leg exercises without weights. try frog squats with an exercise band. An easy to follow workout video


#1 cupofcakee

The other L word, Scott.

#2 mybrainsbig

MN Development has great tasting protein that mixes instantly. It helped me reach my goals!

#3 Aydee2020

Madonna’s limbs are so arid she made children in Somalia look like sumo wrestlers.

#4 91lilfrozone23

this is bullshit, women should train the way men do. they got less than half the amount of testosterone. (actually, men have like 7 times the amount of testosterone a girl has). SO IF YOU DO SOME LAME “WOMEN TARGETED” EXERCISES, AND YOU GOT NO TESTOSTERONE; THAT MEANS YOU’LL HAVE SOME EXTREMELY SLOW GAINS. so slow it will discourage you. so girls: grab some damn weights and train your butt off, trust me; you won’t suddenly look like hulk if men can’t suddenly do that… seriously

#5 TheSecretsOfLife2011

Feel free to watch The Secrets Of Weight Loss on my channel.

#6 missorangepark

How many sets/reps of lunges should you do?

#7 oliviaolas

I have to get toned arms. I want to be strong. I will use weights and I will do squats of plies or lunges to increase the challenge! I am ready to be fit!

#8 tairanisa

when i first started doing lunges i overdid it and it did kill my left knee. I had to give it a rest for two weeks but if you ease yourself into it you should be fine and your knees will strengthen

#9 facelessfatloss

Jen: I’ve used resistance bands for YEARS! They WORK! Great 4 travel too. =)

#10 magic666z

Madona arms!? more like Arnold Schwarzenegger Arms xD

#11 omglolblah22

great video! :)


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#13 rupscee

get Madonna arms – fuck no!
But great Video ;)

#14 Catherine04

I want to exercise my legs, but I don’t think I can do these exercises because I have bad knees :S

#15 hildabrooks

You can get a fun with bbw

#16 likecrunchyness

damn look at those legs!

#17 1kash123

wont these like kill the knees. I am so scared to do these.

#18 1kash123

wont these like kill the knees

#19 yogashot

I dislike bands! Weights rock

#20 shinylittlepeople

I want those pipes! Thanks for the video!

#21 tlife35

Great video, excellent instruction. You look great. Thanks for the post

#22 cakestudent95

@23JillyBean okey dokey

#23 23JillyBean

@cakestudent95 it gives more resistance than a normal squat

#24 thewowpoemlady

I’m looking for forearm strengthening for woman at age 65. My upper arms and shoulders are toned, but the skin on the underside of my forearms is looser than I’d like. Thanks.

#25 cakestudent95

at 2:38 whats the point of the band? i learn this with just holding your hands straight out in front of you..

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