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#1 StonersOath

uh well im hella skiny man im 16 and weigh 130 and yes i do have a 2 pack

#2 Draquoe

he says 1-2 times per a week assuming that you workout 3 times a week because that is a typical schedule, if your like me and you work out between 5 and 8 times a week you are probably fine getting 3, but 4 might be pushing it, your abs are a plate muscle, making them one of your biggest muscles, so like your legs, you need to give them a bit more rest than you might need to give your arms. I do abs everyday I do chest, which is 3 times a week.

#3 YouveGotFailTV

so what are good exercises ?

#4 CcanCcaglar

u have 6 such thing as 2 packs bro, its just that you have little fat under your “2 packs” u need to lose that fat and ull see ur other 4…

#5 Xander112000

im 14 went to the gym for 8 weeks gained weight but in muscle my doctor said, i did all around workout abs , biceps etc… no 6 pack only 2 pack but bigger chest and feel amazing, im going to go still for another 10 weeks.

#6 sara3sota

Well considering that i do my ab workouts 5-6 times a week, and have amazing energy with some overall soreness means that this is not advice for someone who wants extreme results, maybe just a flat stomach but not abs that pop, I do agree though, you must lose fat to see any type of deffined muscles… but the abs are not like any other muscles much like the heart, they are just different

#7 theofficialmcalliste

my friend says the same thing and i used to but even if ur thin use the cardio and i bet ull still burn some fat

#8 captaineothan

i saw this dude greg plitt from mrex or something like that, and he does sets of like 60 reps, and his abs are CUT, so idk about this shit right here. he is right about the lie of fat targeting, but i have a question…what about people like me that are naturally lean and don’t need to lose fat? do we just do ab workouts and not worry too much about cardio?

#9 teedonster

if your abs ache that means youve achieved overload and will repair in 1-2 nights

#10 thefitathlete

I cant believe people spend that much money on ab products. I use vastmuscle and they combine workouts and nutrition and its fun. Couldnt ask for more

#11 Pretty727Boii

dam i got dat body by jake shit and it works gooood

#12 brianlara55555

1 to 2 times per week is too less.. 3 to 4 times is better.. abs need to recover but if u do them once a week u need to be very patient to get the abs.. i do 15 minutes on my abs.. and i dont waste my time.. every second day which is 4 times per week. if i over work my abs please tell me.. i dont want to do that

#13 shortstop1616

Noxanimex4u is right… you need to have some abdominal strength and endurance in order for them to show. The most important thing is a low percentage of body fat. Twice a week on abs is good. This video was pretty accurate and informative. I use vastmuscle (.com) workouts and loved the results… very educational as well.

#14 NoxAnimex4U

actually he is 95% correct besides the fact that his statement of direct exercises not helping is incorrect the abs get toned and become tighter and larger from exercises but they wont be seen unless u lose that fat

#15 EricB042389

Not necessarily, if you do the same abdominal exercise many times a week, than yes. If you switch it up with multiple exercises, then that is a no. In addition, the abdominal muscles have a very high recovery rate being very small and syngergistic to one another and actually require constant stimulation once every day to every other day!

#16 EricB042389

You are wrong.

#17 joshjen777

this is wrong

#18 AstroSmexy

im enlightened

#19 xsugarcrispx

you only need to work abs twice a week anymore is over working

#20 SKINYman153

good video helps me heaps

#21 PocketHercules99

Abs heal faster than other muscles making them different than other muscles and able to be worked out more than other muscles

#22 jaar872

exc vid

#23 jaxblade07

very informative

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