Abs workout Routine? (girls)?

I am not fat but i want abs. Almost like girl abs, but a little bit more. I would also like some good foods that i can eat to help keep my shape :) )
p.s. it would help if i had like a routine for every day of the week. Thanks again!
Ohhh. and i want something other than curnches, because i know there has to be something else.


#1 minik107

I have a six pack(im a guy). Do the same ab work as guys do and do alot of cardio. Dont do too much though. a few sets of abs and run 30 minutes at the most

#2 blahhh

^works really well

#3 Chelsi

Honestly, the best way to get abs is cardio. I know running might not make sense, but if you have even a little layer of fat over your abs, your abs won’t show at all. So, lose any you may have and I suggest what I call a “power cycle”. This is where I do crunches for 1 minute, reverse crunches for 1 minute, get on an exercise ball and do situps for 1 minute, sides/obliques for 1 minute, take a weighted ball and bend over to touch your toe on one side of your body and cross the ball back up to the other side (your legs are apart and you touch the opposite side of your body) do each side for 1 minute a piece, the plank position for 45 seconds, bicycle crunch for 1 minute, verticle reverse crunch where your legs are straight up in the air for 1 minute, and finally, have your legs straight up in the air and with your feet together have someone push your legs straight to the floor, however, do NOT touch the floor with your legs, but get as close as possible, and also, do NOT bend your legs, then bring your legs back up to the original position, do this as many times as you can. Do these exercises without ANY breaks in between as it is a continous power ab cycle…I would try it at the times, but if you need to adjust the times, go for it. Hope this helps!

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