Abs workout not working..?

So i’ve been doing pilates for a couple years now and its really help flatten my stomach.You know enough for where i can wear fitten shirts and no muffin tops..or rolls or anything..but idk..it seems lately whenver i workout NOTHING..is chaning.yes my stomach is flat enoughto wear i’m comfortable wearing fitten clothes but it still looks kinda flabby @ times( not flabby but not tight enough i guess)..like idk how to describe it.i get doing pilates especially for ABS and i’m getting nothing.am i doing something wrong? what do i need to change?


#1 mrystry1

You need to tone. Try doing si tups with weights to build the muscles. Hold the dumbbells in your hands. Or go to beach body.com look up Ab ripperX and it will show you some good moves to build your stomach muscles.

#2 emmy61491

Well, how old are you exactly? As we get older our body starts slowing down, which in terms means that our metabolic rate slows down, and our ability to burn fat decreases. Also, the elasticity in our skin starts to become weakened.

If you’re however young, I would suggest doing crushes on a bender ball, or work out ball. Try it with some weights, and make sure you go side to side because that really works your abdominal muscles as well as your sides.

#3 Nick

if you do something for long enough your body will just get used to it.
sometimes you just need to change things up.
i know some older guys who have been swimming all their lives and can do a million lengths of the pool but have huge guts!

try something different…you dont have to stop your pilates but some intense cardio will help you out.
maybe try squeeze in 30min a day.
if you have been running then try biking or swimming or rowing!!
something different!!

#4 Tony

Sounds like your in a flat spot, anyone who has trained will be able to tell they have gone through something similar, where it seems you get little or no results or gains.
You need to mix it up a little. Mix up your exercise regime.
Introduce some new AB exercises
Have a look at the link below it has a heap of exercises which are aimed solly at your abs. This website is very helpful.
Wish you all the best

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