Abs workout during 2ww?

Yea or nay? I want to get my abs toned and have started Rodney Yee’s yoga for abs but wonder if it will be safe during the 2ww? I hate not do so it then get a BFN and still not have toned abs but if it is harmful to a pregnancy or could prevent a pregnancy I want to avoid. Any thoughts? Anyone continuing their regular workouts until it’s an official BFP?

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#1 Maria

I feel your pain! I’m TTC and training for a half marathon at the same time! I was told a couple things by MDs that I work with. First off, we should continue doing any exercises that our bodies are use to doing. We just want to avoid 1)getting our heart rates too high and 2)overheating. In your case, I think your an workouts are fine! It is great too to get our minds off of the TTC addiction! Another thing that was told to me is that any fertlized egg that can’t implant because of a typical daily workout isn’t going to be a strong implantation anyway!
Hope this helps!

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