abs workout .. crunches or incline sit ups?

I’ve watched so many videos saying that crunches are the best for abs but i then watched a few saying incline sit ups are just as effective if not more .. im wondering should i buy a incline sit up bench (more than happy to spend the money) or keep doing crunches, if incline sit ups do the same workout or even the tinyest bit better i will buy the incline sit up bench but if they don’t do it as well as crunches ill pass. Im just really confused can anyone help.

im hoping for nice 6pack abs!


#1 Q

you should be doing both plus some other exercises as well like reverse situps, and leg lifts.
this is because the body adapts to the same exercises over time and you will see less and less results
also make sure you should take protein after your workouts i recommend whey protein it breaks down into its amino acids and gets to your muscles really fast for protein synthesis
in other words i would get the incline bench

#2 Praying For a Baby BOY!

This is a great workout you should try it look up Billy Blanks ab workout on youtube and it has like 4 parts to it.

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