Abs workout at home only?

I have no time/my parents allow me to go exercise and stuff, but it’s embarrassing to tell them I want abs, so yeah… Anything I could do at home to get abs/muscles? Sit-ups and Push-ups are the only things I do. And I could only do 35 sit-ups and 20 push-ups the most… I’m strong, but get tired easily. I start to slow down at 30 when I do sit-ups. It just hurts my back.

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#1 Master Chief

Running and cardio would be better. You have to burn off the fat in your stomach so that your pack can show. try running or jogging for 10-15 minutes then do some crunches/leg lifts? that’s what i do and its working. i hurt sit ups hurt your lower back so i don’t do them but i can be wrong. do some research first so you don’t get injured. and remember to stretch before you do your workouts.

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