Abs workout 10 points best answer?

Should i do my ab workout in the morning once i get up or should i do it at about 5 pm when i do my regular workout? 10 pnts. best answer
did u read the question, i dont want to lose weight. Im just asking when, you all need to read the questions,


#1 Janice D

The best ab workout is a low-fat/cal diet!

#2 Kavita .

Better in the afternoon 2 hours before eating

Unless you want to do it 2 hours after your breakfast

#3 Nino Brown

you should have a little something in your stomach before you work out… but again not eat right afterwards…

if you can have a piece of toast and tea or something like an hour before you do the routine- do it in the am, then you will be done the rest of the day!

If you cant squeeze it in, do it before dinner (once again maybe have a small snack 30-90 minutes before.

of course- if you can do it at both times, you will be really ahead of the curve.

For me what works best- is doing abs after my regular workout as I am warmed up, it just feels better, and I use it to wind down a bit after the workout.

#4 JoeJohn

Lol wats with all the people copy and pasting that diet thing?!

Anyway, I would say you should it with your regular workout, that’s how I do it and I know a very experienced lifter who does too.

#5 getbuilt

make sure you do not eat 2-3 hours prior to going to bed because it will all turn into fat. Do the ab workout in the morning as your glycogen stores will empty out quicker because you haven’t eaten yet and you will get your abs faster this way.
Check this article http://getbuilt.info/category/abs/ it give you great ab workout that will work other muscles at the same time while giving you your six pack

#6 kody1990

i would do it in the morning. after you work out your abs, you have a whole day of eating to get protein and other nutrients into your body that help to repair and develop your ab muscles.

#7 German O

somebody gave JANICE D the thumbs down, but i gave her thumbs up, she’s the only one that’s right. If you want your abs to show, you need to consume less calories than you burn each day. You can exercise all you want, but if you don’t follow a deficit calorie diet, you’ll never see your abs. Everybody has washboard abs, you just can’t see them because there buried in fat. and it doesn’t matter what time you workout your abs.

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