Abs + Cardio in the morning, regular workout in the after-noon?

Hey I was wondering if this would work.

Would I be able to do Abs in the morning then Cardio (around 8/9am) then do my regular workout in the after-noon (4:30/5 pm) and get good results?
This is a reply to the first answer: I would do obliques every Wednesday and Friday and Upper and Lower Abs on Tuesdays and Thursdays

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#1 Brandon

Yes, but it’s best not to work out the same muscle group two days in a row because your muscles grow when they’re at a state of rest.

Edit: Okay, sounds good, but it’s good to change your workout routine about once a month because you’ll stop seeing results if your body gets used to a certain regime or exercise. You need to challenge your body and confuse your muscles by doing different exercises in order to keep seeing results.

Good luck.

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