A gOoD AbS WoRkOuT?! ?

what is a good way to get abs for a 15 year old without using a gym? I’m about 3 or 4 pounds overweight, but not an uncontrollable amount over. My goal is to have abs, or at least a flat belly by summer time (for pool parties and such), but i want to have at least a little noticeable improvement every week if possible. What are some workouts i can do daily that will get me in shape?



check this out


I think if you do this every night or morning you will have great abs

#2 Richie M

if you have a pull up bar, if not ignore me. Raise legs 90 degrees and hold till you can’t anymore. i do 3 sets. then with a frount grip, almost like a flip. bring legs over head as far back as you can. I do my max of that 3 times as well. Can’t complain about results cuz thats basically all i do and have a great pack going on.

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