8 Min Abs Workout – Level 3 – P4P Music

Abs workout “8 Min Abs Workout – Level 3″ is the third level of most famous abdominal training of the web. See our abs workout level 1 (for beginners): www.youtube.com View abdominal workout level 2 (advanced): www.youtube.com


#1 JDkillaBoY

@49Itchy I’d like to correct u on that ;P
Low fat = Almost 6 pack
Low fat + Ab workouts = 6 pack
No fat = 6 pack
No fat + Ab workouts = 8 pack

#2 Mortes90

After this i can slide at the floor….

#3 CottenCandyFckTart

10,000,000 views for level 1. 3,900,000 views for level 2. and 168,000 for level 3 haha i love it

#4 LionHartTube

The black guy is HENCH!

#5 miakkmaniakk

@49Itchy Thanks man, I won’t give up…! :) I have another question… :) The recommended program is 3 days in a week and 4 weeks in 8 weeks… A whole week break…? Should I do it so or every week, 3 days…?

#6 49Itchy

@miakkmaniakk haha yh, what I did to speed up the process was to acompany this workout with the level 2 one for extra impact! Mix it up a little keep the muscles guessing… Also the p4p home chest workouts work as well and will pull the skin upwards tightening that which is on your abs, giving you more definition! Keep going dude don’t give up! :)

#7 miakkmaniakk

@49Itchy I have a friend who has a sixpack, but can’t do the lvl 3…! :/ He can’t do it no longer on “alternate crossin of the feet” … The abs are weird… :P

#8 miakkmaniakk

@49Itchy tnx

#9 49Itchy

@miakkmaniakk No/low fat + Ab workouts = 6 pack

#10 49Itchy

@miakkmaniakk The likely-hood is that your diet isn’t correct. This workout accompanied by good nutritional foods i.e. Chicken and Vegetables etc, does work. A six pack can only be achieved through vigourous ab workouts e.g. this one as well as a large amount of cardio approx 30 mins a day. You need to minimise your fat intake and reduce your body fat/height % to a more suitable level for your age (Nothing too drastic though!) You probably do have a 6 pack even if you can’t see it.

#11 MrBoobsification

God can do that! 6:25

#12 Wallsoo

Thumps up for the black guy

#13 miakkmaniakk

I started to do p4p ab workout on June the 20 and of course, I started with lvl 1 … Today is August the 23 and I do lvl 3 easly but I have no sixpack…! I have only a weak fourpack… Can someone help me…? What’s wrong with me…??? :/

#14 UptownGucci

@potentperson Nothin different happened to me.. prolly the only change is less cramps.. but I dont really cramp up any way.

#15 UptownGucci

@MRcupcakecats Nothin… Lol

#16 samrojo09

thisis level 2 but with a perver sayng 1, 2 ,1 ,2

#17 Cyberman86

fu*&^*% Ads are so annoying >0

#18 potentperson

@MRcupcakecats nothing special I expect! Exercise can help reduce PMS moods and cramps, but you might also be more sensitive to pain so overdoing it could potentially cause more muscle aching than usual for no other reason than you would feel it more (it wouldn’t cause more damage or anything).

#19 49Itchy

@deaurcy Cheers dude, thought it was a little bit easy when I did them like that! :)

#20 deaurcy

@49Itchy No. They are supposed to be at least three inches off the floor at all times.

#21 ppoaurysaa

ive been doin this w/ 10 lbs added on either my feet or chest (depends on the exercise) for 3 weeks now nd im pretty close to a 6pack :)

#22 49Itchy

When doing 4x abs are your feet meant to touch the floor when bringing them back down?

#23 zikacs51

@JepoH3nkka thx mate ~

#24 JepoH3nkka

@zikacs51 waterbottle

#25 MRcupcakecats

@MRcupcakecats Seriously, please help me ?? S:

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