6 pack of abs workout?

okay im 14 5′9/5′10 about 135 lbs im skinnyy lol uhmm i really wanna get a nice set of abs and nice body look if u no what i mean. my abs are semi strong if u rub them.. u can feel a six pack but when u look at them its just nothing really lol so i need help on that like what i should do to make them show and stuff like that. Then i also need some help on my chest and like the appearance of my body. I have 0 workout equipment so the stuff i need to do will need to be without workout equipment. I have some hair on my like body chest and stuff and i dont want it there so should i just shave it? and any tips on acne scars? thanks all of that will help

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#1 Ben Miles

Lots of people are doing crunches on a regular base with the intention to obtain six pack abs.
A very small variety of them actually see their six pack abs. Most of them do not see them after all and quite a bit see only the top 4 abs.
The main reason for that is that with a purpose to have a visible six set of abs – you need to & I say again, you will need to LOSE BODY FAT. It is actually extremely easy to understand.

To learn a bit more about how you can lose your body fats ASAP & see the MOST EFFECTIVE abs crunches, look at the next article.

Good luck!!!

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