5 Best Kettlebell Ab Exercises

CLICK HERE for a FREE Workout!! www.kettlebellworkouts.com In this video you will discover the 5 best kettlebell exercises for training your abdominals. For all the exercises you will be working your abs just as hard if not harder, than what you would be doing with regular crunches. The first exercise is Windmills. So, with the KB up overhead, keep your knees straight, brace your abs and lower your opposite hand down to the ground while keeping your eye on the KB up overhead. Be sure not to let your back round. Doall reps for one side and then switch arms. The next exercise is Kettlebell Swings. This exercise is a very important exercise for your abs in that they work your abs the way they were meant to be worked by stabilizing them. So, with your arms outstretched below, grab the KB with both hands, and using your only your hips and your legs drive the KB forward. Your arms will just be along for the ride in this exercise. Keep your upper and lower body braced at all times, while maintaining a flat back. Another great exercise is the Around the World Kettlebell exercise. For this one, you want to brace your abs and squeeze your glutes at all times. Next, take the KB behind your back, switch hands and bring the KB around front, handing off to the other hand in a continuous motion. You want to maintain an upright torso and go as fast as possible throughout. Once you have done all the reps one way, switch and go the other way. You will be resisting rotation which will work


#1 Ahmed7080

can u do that with a dumble ??

#2 foxevo26

Great video! Thanks

#3 gwrex


#4 tobi1648

Craig should watch his back when renegading.. tighten the abs, so the back is just a tiny bit bend. (of cause I could have been mistaken – he is wearing a loose shirt – makes it hard to tell)

#5 MrIrishlogic

wow each exercise looks better than the next.

#6 mandywilliams81

I have a bad back and knee. I am a 29yo female who wants to tone up. I cant do high impact (trust me I have tried) and love how these feel on my muscles and back! Thanks so much!!

#7 txstatejesse

During the two arm KB swing your belly pops out, ab guy.
But over all great video!

#8 paquett1

kick ass video boys

#9 sameer76


#10 mwich40

this video should be titled “5 simple and effective KB ab exercises” There are other better exercises for your abs, or trunk stabilizers, but the problem is most people watching this video simply can’t do them good enough to be effective or safe. How about 1 arm snatches, 2 arm snatches, clean and press variations, carry variations, gorilla snatches…all in all the exercises in the video are great

#11 elrandohorse

Where were your snatches?

#12 jmilton05

never take tips on getting abs from people that dont have them!DUHHH

#13 12321managementman

need more cowbell!

#14 Zadeify

I think I’ll try these right away

#15 pirates22000

I just signed up for a Metro Dash competition. I’ll be adding these to my routine. Great video.

#16 giogulez

Great stuff, gonna hit the gym now

#17 k75fish

Thank you i just found my next routine

#18 treskofaen

hmm, my shoulder fatigues way before my abs on the first one…:(

#19 QuikshotRTCW

@WarezDaBeef I realize that you made this post 2 months ago, but for a male intermediate athlete, a 26lb (12kg) kettlebell is the perfect place to start. If you workout with it a couple of times a week, you will see yourself wanting a heavier one very quickly. Listen to your body

#20 dselgy

The line about “suffering the dishonor…” was blatantly ripped off from Pavel Tsatsouline. BTW, his form on swings is awful, and it’s only a matter of time before he ends up with a lower back injury. Pavel will show you the right way to do a kettlebell swing without suffering the dishonor of a injury due to poor form.

#21 SkillzUnknown

that last line was the best… “suffering the dishonour of lying on the ground and doing crunches”…..

#22 tomazasss112

How much repetitions need to do?

#23 soulofone

Remember the Turkish get up and the overhead squat (single or double kettlebell) they are Incredible for the abs.

#24 wiaz123

I like the variety. I will give it a try in my next workout. Thank you.

#25 WarezDaBeef

@cbathletics: I really dig this. The evidence suggest that it works . . question: How much weight (for optimal results and workout variability) do you suggest to start off with for an intermediate athlete – one who is incorporating the kettle ball into my ab routine for the first time? 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 30 lbs? Thanks.

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